karpenisi_50Karpenisi is capital of Evritania and is considered one of the best and healthiest resorts in Greece. The green mountains, the quaint villages and the ski-centre attract every year thousands of fans of winter breaks.

The fresh air, the dry and healthy climate, the variety of trees and that surround the town and villages, make the place ideal for winter and summer holidays. It is worth drinking the clear water flowing from natural springs stone at villages of the county as also visiting the scattered villages and enjoy the traditional food and local cuisine. At a distance of 12km. is the ski resort of Velouchi. Visitors will enjoy skiing in the skiing centre, which has seven lifts, twelve slopes, ski school and ski shop. The rivers and gorges of the area are offered for mountaineering and other activities such as rafting, kayak, mountain bike, trekking.

Karpenisi is one of the most important winter destinations of mountainous Greece with all kinds of alternative tourism like skiing in the ski centre of Velouchi, rafting, kayak, walking, climbing and horse back riding. Karpenisi offers a wide range of different types of accommodation with traditional guest houses, luxury hotels and family run hostels. Karpenisi has also many restaurants and taverns but also intense night life with modern cafes and bars.

karpenisi_60The area around the city of Karpenisi is offered for walk in beautiful forest paths, rafting in the rivers such as Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Megdovas, Trikeriotis, Karpenisiotis and Krikelopotamos, kayak, crossing of gorges, mountain bike or 4X4 jeeps in the enchanting mountains of Timfristos, Agrafa, Chelidona and Kaliakouda. The natural monument of “Pantavrechi” is a gorge of inconceivable natural beauty that you should visit. Another important landmark of Karpenisi is the famous Monastery of Proussos that is visited by numerous tourists and pilgrims every year.

karpenisi_10How to arrive …
Karpenisi is 285 km from Athens and 380 km from Thessaloniki. Reach through Lamia in about 3 hours from Athens and 4 hours from Thessaloniki.To road to Karpenisi is paved, in very good condition and there is informative label.

Useful phones …
Velouhi Ski Center: +30 22370 21111-2, 22002, 23506
Bus services in Karpenisi: +30 22370 80013
Police in Karpenisi: +30 22370 89160
Hospital in Karpenisi: +30 22370 80680-3

Karpenisi video presentation

Crossed paths for Hiking in Karpenisi and Evritania

Karpenisi Athletic Center – Kefalovryso – Klaysi
Klaysi – Neromylos tou Xekarfotou – … – Agios Nikolaos – Agios Leonidis
Agios Dimitrios – Kefalovryso – Korysxades – Gorgianades – Xaliki
Circle path on Krikello – Climbing the hill above the Krikello
Aniada – Lakkomata – Shelter Kaliakoudas – Megalo Chorio
Megalo Chorio – Gauros – Palio Mikro Chorio
Monastery of Prousou – Stremenou – Mauri Spilia

High peaks paths Hiking in Karpenisi and Evritania

Agia Paraskeui – Karaoulia – Psili korifi Velouchiou
Ski Resort – Psili korifi Velouchiou
Palio Mikro Chorio – Potistis – Korifi Chelidonas
Megalo Chorio – Shetler kaliakoudas – Diaselo – Peak

Natural Beauty in Karpenisi and Evritania

Little Village Lake- The calm that prevails will relax you
The alpine lake Velouchi – Source of life in Alpine landscape
Gorge Small “Panta Vrexei” – The water falling like raining
“Panta Vrexei” gorge – One of the most spectacular and beautiful areas of Evritania

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